Persona Beauty Perlour: Hidden Camera Video in Girls Spa Room

This is very much disappointing for every citizen, every married couple, every girl whoever went to Persona Beauty Parlor for their make up and spa and other stuff. Yesterday (30th September 2011) One female customer (Doctor in profession) who went into Persona Beauty Perlour Banani outlet, Dhaka, Bangladesh into the womans SPA room and undressed thereafter, discovered hidden camera in that room. It was shocking to find someone watching herself nude. She instantly called her husband and things got crazy.
Persona authority tried to handle the matter, tried to remove the camera in advance and make it up as security issue. But police arrived to handle the situation and found a computer hard drive attached to the camera. afterward police came to know that it is here since the beginning of the branch open in Banani. Two of the male hosts tried to connect their pendrive during the police presence to copy files. They were taken into custody.
Police locked the branch and searching for the other male workers who had access to the computers. This is an easy way to blackmail any beautiful girl or whatsoever later on they assumed. Thus the general citizens should be aware of this as well as other beauty perlous police informed. For Persona authority expressed: "The Hidden Video Camera was mistakenly placed by an electrician for security purpose, during that time it was not realized this room would have been the Changing Room"
Any nude photos, sexy images and videos comes out from Persona will be directly a threat to Ms. Kaniz Almas. Thus the police tried to contact her and make her aware of this. Found the mobile switched off. Our Reporter tried to contact at her home but she refused to talk to anyone right now.

What were they thinking ? To seduce the girls going in there ? Give them the male servers to have sex ? Tape the scenes and make money. Our question is to the authority and the government when will the truth come front ? What will be the consequences.